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From Research to Results

October 29, 2010

As its subtitle suggests, the CGIAR Annual Report 2009: From Research to Results, now available in print and on the CGIAR website, covers a wide range of initiatives aimed at achieving large-scale development impact through high-quality science.

Stories from CGIAR Centers and Challenge Programs paint a detailed picture of valuable outcomes from collaborative research on crops, livestock and natural resources. Through succinct answers to key questions, the report explains what it takes to turn research findings into beneficial results that address some of the developing world’s most pressing problems.

Global climate change received particular emphasis in 2009, as CGIAR scientists marshaled strong evidence that agriculture is both part of the problem and part of the solution. Throughout the year, they pressed the case for moving agriculture to the forefront of climate negotiations by means of publications and active participation in key events leading up to the United Nations Climate Change Conference held at Copenhagen, Denmark, in December.

The report also describes bold steps taken this year to ensure that future research results provide solutions to the challenges of climate change, food price volatility and mounting environmental degradation. Assembling the elements of a new business model, the CGIAR embraced far-reaching changes to better meet the challenges of a changing world.


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